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Low-Code Rapid

Application Development Platform

We make it easier than ever to create and deliver flexible

applications and automate manual processes faster with minimal

or zero hand-coding utilizing visual modeling in a graphical interface


Legal Docflow

Automate your customer agreement procedures hassle-free with e-signature functionality built-in.

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At Agurate, everything we do helps farmers optimize the value chain from soil to market.

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Pay bills, buy power, get cash, send and receive money online or offline! All your financial needs in one app..

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Get up and running in minutes

Shrink your data time to business value with Taybull. You don't need to write any code to start getting insights into your data quickly & effortlessly. Our AI driven approach to managing and visualising your data ensures insights & discoveries can be revealed without the need for in-house data scientists, data engineers data and visualisation specialists.

  • AI driven ETL 

  • End-to-end cloud data solutions 

  • Merge data from multiple sources 

  • Built in recommendation engines and other models

  • Faster queries through automatic query optimisation

  • Serverless - no server management is necessary

  • Full elasticity - effortlessly scale as your data grows

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Preventive Maintenance

Our Preventive Maintenance application ensures a proactive maintenance strategy to reduce the likelihood of failure leading to unplanned downtime. A preventive approach increases the availability and operational output of critical equipment and machinery in your production process thus avoiding machine failure leading to costly downtime and production delays.


Data Collection And Extraction

We strive to make data collection and extraction painless. We have 60+ integrations to import data from multiple sources.

  • Extract meaningful data from media files : pdf, images, audio and video

  • Build responsive and secure dynamic forms in Taybull to collect data from any device

  • Stream data into Taybull at scale

  • Capture every web, mobile, and cloud interaction


Drag, Drop Machine Learning

As machine learning is gaining steam across industries, many organizations are wondering how they can implement it in their business.

Taybull has an easy to use interface that lets you build custom deep learning models, quickly train them, and start making smarter decisions right away. You can now predict values and automate the classifications of documents, build recommendations for your products - all without a team of data scientist and engineers.

Start by importing your dataset and selecting one or more columns you want to predict or classify. Taybull automatically builds you a custom deep learning model and iteratively improves your model as data comes in without writing a single line of code.

Taybull makes deep learning simple, understandable, and accessible to everyone.

Dashboard Applications

Taybull’s drag-and-drop data visualisation tool makes it easy to create a professional dashboard – without having to know a line of code! With built in row level security, you can build and share dashboards  with your customers privately or embed in your applications.

  • Over 60 supported data visualisations 

  • Multi-tenant and row level security

  • Embeddable 

  • Intuitive admin interface 

  • Connect a domain 

  • White label your dashboards

  • Customizable forms to collect data 

  • Mobile friendly



GDPR Tools

Taybull uses machine learning to help companies comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

The product has a list of functions available to help towards GDPR compliance by automatically identifying GDPR classified data, pseudonymization of personal data, encrypted audit logs for the lifetime of data subject compliance activity and encryption of data subjects.

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Data Labelling

Our multi-domain data labelling service enables you to submit a  representative sample of your data to human labelers who annotate them using the most convenient interface with standardized output formats to use with your chosen machine learning framework. It can be used to :


  • Classify text for sentiment analysis

  • Named entities recognition 

  • Transcribe audio 

  • Classify audio 

  • Conversational modelling & chatbots 

  • Image object detection 

  • Label audio regions  

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Easily pull in metrics from different sources and bring them together on a dashboard


Data Consultancy

We help businesses manage and unlock true value from their data across Finance, Recruitment, Risk, Marketing and Operations industries. We have the tools and personnel at hand to help you with all things data : 

  • Move your data pipeline to the cloud

  • AI enable your business

  • Build custom deep learning and machine learning models

  • Automate your data ingestion process

  • Securely manage your data infrastructure

  • Cost-effective backup solutions

  • AWS, Azure and GCP services

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